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Ham Master Carver

As a Spaniard, chef, and master carver, Chef Jaume knows the qualities of a good Spanish ham from his homeland. Over the course of his career, he has mastered the technique of slicing the precious meat, slow-cured with great love and care by the Spanish maestros.

There is nothing more delightful to have a cortador, or master carver, presiding over your party or event. As a professional cortador, Chef Jaume performs the art of offering fresh slices from a bone-in ham, taking care to cut each slice to precision. There is no better way to enjoy the beauty of this ancestral product than being served by a master cortador and enjoying this delicious meat in the company of friends. 

When you hire Chef Jaume as a master cortador for your event, you will not only receive his services, but also the ham itself; both are included in the price. Any remainding ham will be vacuum packaged for your later use. Bones and diced meat will be prepared for you to use for cooking. 

Chef Jaume is also available to work with catering companies and for private events. 

Teaching how to carve a great Cinco Jotas


–The guy with a Ham

–Private slicing & Package
–Ham, Cure Meats
and Cheese display for parties and events

–Consultant for Charcuteries and restaurants with meat and cheeses plates

Chef Jaume in a Private Event at
The Roger Smith Hotel

Visiting Cinco Jotas Facilities in Jabugo